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Die Mannschaft

Yesh, you got it! This is a massive Schweinski post, babyyy :D

Question. Have you ever noticed how these two lovelies are practically inseparable? Lets take a look.

They stand next to each other before matches.

Holding on to each other too!

In their own world, whispering dirty sweet nothings

Alls good, bro 

And how can anyone forget this?

A different angle, while I'm at it

Even during games, who cares about the other 20 players, when they've got each other

They naturally gravitate towards each other!

And their goal celebrations are just the cutest


They like to play tag

and somehow always end up on each other
Jumping and groping seem to be a big thing with them, and honestly, I don't mind one bit ;)

May not be real, but whatever, in my mind it is!

He is reaching for that ass, I know he is

I see what you're doing there, baby

Playing ass/cock/whatever grab like REAL MEN

Oh how i love training pics (+others)!
Thomas is not the only sexy ball boy we have

Peace out

Basti does not approve of Lukas talking and showing his thighs off to other men.

You will find them together off the pitch too. Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself.

First there was a barrier.

They sent the barrier to the left.

And then there was no barrier.

Just happiness.

They've even served time together.

Why? For being so godamn sexy, thats why!

Yes, they're guilty and they know it.

Hence the surrender.

And no matter what, they have always been there for each other.
During the good times....

Head fondling like a boss

And the bad...
(Rober Enke's funeral)


(Lukas's missed penalty)

(This quite seriously broke my heart. The missed penalty was one thing, but the affection.. omg i cant even. It brings a tear to my eye, every time)

Even during their um, bad questionable hair days...

No idea whose hand that is, but I'm just going to say it's Basti's anyway :)

Being in opposite teams mean nothing!


GIF time!

Is it just me, or did that just happen in slow-mo?


Now I could go on, but in fear of crashing the whole system, I shall stop myself... for now ;)

You wouldn't believe how tempted I was to post every single pic I have of them!

Sorry ladies, I was planning on posting this in parts, to draw out the pleasure, but as it turns out, I have exams this week (yay me). So i had to do it all in one go instead. Well, here's to the explosion of our ovaries, to kick off ze show! Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy them. (It's a tall order, I know)

P.S. I just checked out the Bromance Masterlist, and looks like things are going great. Week 1-10 is all booked already! You guys are awesome for volunteering and participating!
But there are more bromances yet to be chosen. We would be forever in your debt if you could help us out.

Also, BIG HUG to tweedie for giving me a whole lot of Schweinski Classics pics!

Lots of love,

Tags: .gifs galore, is this real life or is it just fantasy?, picture spam, player - poldi, player - schweini, there's more to life than football?
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