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I want the "M" in "MLS" to stand for "Mannschaft"

My sister and I went to the Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire game yesterday and I thought this community might enjoy some photos of the reunion between Torsten Frings and Arne Friedrich.

Pretty much as soon as the two teams took the field for practice, Frings and Friedrich immediately sought each other out at the centre line to have a brief chat. Adorable.

Dan Gargan, former TFC and current Fire player, decided to invade their bromatic reunion to say hello to Frings. Gargan was traded to Chicago July 28, 2011; Frings made his debut for TFC on July 20, 2011 so I can't imagine they must have had a terribly close relationship. Weird. I mean I totally get using any opportunity to hug Frings, but still: weird.

A little bit of them individually warming up:

Herr Friedrich shares a joke with a team mate.

I was this close to making a "Arne Friedrich is a Disney Prince" poster but didn't want to be perceived as cheering for the opposing team.

Is MLS the only league where they play national anthems before the match starts? They definitely do not do it in the EPL or Bundesliga, but I don't watch enough of any other leagues to know whether or not this is a thing unique to MLS.

End of the match goodbyes:

The day before the match Frings gave an interview, which I think might be only his second in English. (I think the first was last week for print-media; I think he used his injury layoff to get more confidence in his excellent English skills, because he gave another interview in English after the game yesterday.)

The highlight is the spot near the end where someone asks him about Arne Friedrich and he says "He is not my friend, we are not in touch." I assume this is a case of someone sounding overly-harsh in their non-native language, but I had to laugh anyway at the abruptness of "He is not my friend." (Source)

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