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Bastian Schweinsteiger and his Inner Turmoil

For the first time since the Champions League final, Bastian Schweinsteiger talks with the "Welt Online" about problems with his ankle and the feeling of not being able to play the way he wants.

Q: Do you feel good actually?
A: Well, we are in the semi-final. You have to feel good then.

Q: Somehow you don’t seem like it.
A: To be honest, my ankle is worrying me.

Q: The one you tore the ligament in back in February?
A: Exactly. It didn’t heal perfectly. But there’s no time for resting. We hopefully have two more games, so I’ll have to hang in there. Later I have to focus on finally getting healthy once and for all.

Q: Why are you playing when you are not fit?
I am fit. It’s not a question of stamina. It’s those little actions in the game, it’s the “explosive power”. Before the game against greece I could only complete the final training before the game. You miss something then. I played some bad passes that usually don’t happen. Apart from that I was satisfied with my game. But the bad passes sting of course. That isn’t allowed to happen to a player like me.

Q: There’s been some criticism.
A: I know that. But I don’t care. I try to play for the team. Right now I organise the game more, Sami Khedira joins the offense. But that’s the same as it was in South Africa two years ago. You win a tournament with a sorted defence. We have enough good attacking players who can score anytime.

Q: Are you annoyed that Khedira gets all the credit while you have to struggle with an injury for the team?
A: Not at all. He plays really well, so he deserves all of that. I don’t have to act the big shot, just to get good reviews. The success of the team comes first. I prefer to play without attracting attention and win in the end.

Q: Who taught you that?
A: The old generation at Bayern Munich. Michael Ballack for example or Robert Kovac, Oliver Kahn, Jens Jeremies. Those players played so cleverly and did what’s best for the team. Now I benefit from having played with them. I understand now why they were like they were. I have no huge interest in all the external comments.

Q: Would you mind if Joachim Löw substituted you for another player in the semi-final?
A: If the coach decided like that I wouldn’t mind. We already had a few changes against Greece. Marco Reus, Jerome Boateng, Andre Schürrle and Miroslav Klose came into the team. And for them it was very important to know the ones who got benched have got their backs: Lukas Podolski, Thomas Müller, Lars Bender and Mario Gomez. That doesn’t go without saying in every team.

(Source, with translation by novafairy)

There's more at the source, I just included the parts that were injury and Euro-specific.

Three observations:
  1. I think we could all tell that there was something not quite right with him (even though he was nearly flawless against the Netherlands), but I still hate to have it confirmed by the man himself. Although it does provide me with the opportunity to use this gif:

  2. This doesn't mean he isn't going to play on Thursday, of course, but opens up the debate about whether or not he should play. Bayern will certainly be psyched if he comes back even more injured (Bayern v die Mannschaft friendly as compensation from the DFB, anyone?)

  3. With all the infighting, egos, and general stupidity I keep reading about with France and the Netherlands, I could not love Germany any more than I already do with their approach to each other and how they value the work they do. Teamgeist! Are there even any egos on this team? I can't think of any.
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