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Lahm to retire from international football

Germany’s World Cup-winning captain, Philipp Lahm, has retired from international football.

Germany’s No1 fan, the chancellor Angela Merkel, was quick to pay tribute, saying: “I’d like to express my respect for what he achieved with the national team.”

In an open letter on the German FA’s DFB website, Lahm said: “During last season I made a decision to end my international career after the World Cup.

“I shared my decision with Germany coach Joachim Löw at breakfast on Monday. I am happy and thankful that the end of my national team career coincided with winning the World Cup in Brazil.

“I have been on holiday for the past three days and here have had the quiet and time to mentally come to terms with the end of my national team career. A heartfelt thank you for a wonderful time.”

DFB artikel

yeah lmao im gonna throw up i cannot deal there are legitimate tears down my face
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